Villa Fortuna Luxury Hotel

Nonna Fortunata adored flowers. They were never missing in her house because they filled her days with colour, infused joy and good humour.

For this reason, the four rooms that make up Villa Fortuna, recently completely renovated according to the most authentic Positano style and Mediterranean taste, bear the name and essence of the flower that adorns and embellishes their terraces.

So that your stay in Positano will be forever etched in the hearts of all those who have the pleasure of enjoying it.

Located in an old family home that was completely renovated in 2020, Villa Fortuna is perched on the sea of the Amalfi Coast, in beautiful Positano. The most authentic Positanese hospitality, combined with the elegance of the spaces will make your stay unique.

Refuge, Shade, the Sheltering Tree

Passion, Liveliness & New Experiences

Love, Beauty & Positivity

Good Luck, Health & Relaxation